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Tags: KitPVP Lifesteal Minigames PvP Skyblock Survival

LeóneMC is a Minecraft server network featuring a variety of unique games available to play all in once place, and with an amazing community behind it!


WildKits - When you die you receive a random kit and can jump right into the arena to fight progress and become the best! (1.13 - Latest Release)

Vull - Our take on the popular game mode LifeSteal SMP, Start with 10 Hearts and when you die you lose a heart and if you run out you get banned for 48 Hours. (1.13 - Latest Release)

Leóne PvP - A Classic 1.8 Kit PvP Server to bring back an Old School feel to Minecraft PvP. (1.8 - Latest Release)

Lytra - Elytra PvP Server where you mine & fight bosses to upgrade your gear to become the best on the server. Stack up on Fireworks and get ready to fly! (1.13 - Latest Release)

BerryGlobe - A Classic Survival SMP with an amazing community behind it including Land Claims, Economy, KEEP INV. (1.13 - Latest Release)

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  • 243/5,000 Players
  • 1.19.4 Version
  • 99.8% Uptime
  • 27 minutes Last Ping
  • 4,825 Votes

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