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The Legion Mining Minecraft server draws a focus toward the user's experience by primarily having steady progression through a series of in-game ranks and a “free to-win” system. With this system, anything you can purchase out of the game is purely cosmetic.

Legion Mining wants every player to be able to experience the game as it was supposed to be played; without another player being able to buy their way to the top, each user will have to compete in the global economy.

The economy includes an in-game stock market, player shops, and a server market, all available to the user upon joining the game. Using the in-game currency, you can purchase in-game ranks, lottery tickets, create your town, and eventually your nation.

Once you complete a variety of tasks, you will be able to rank up. Ranking up in the game grants you perks at every level. Including the ability to make your town only after a few hours. The server is split into 3 distinct areas, the earth world, the resource world, and an events arena.

Using the earth world for building up your town, you will use the resource world for gathering resources. The use of the resource world for gathering resources is its primary goal, as destroying the earth's world would cause resets to happen more frequently. However, with the resource world and a rollback system, we hope to keep the server reset free as to not disrupt anyone’s experience.

Updates to the server will be made regularly, however, they are not resets, just introducing new additions such as more ranks and different types of crates. There are a series of custom-enchanted items only able to be obtained through the use of crates. To open these crates, crate keys are used.

This circles back to the events, server wide events will be hosted once a month. The winner is able to obtain a Legendary Crate Key. Earning the keys can also be done through the use of quests. Legion Mining provides a multitude of opportunities for the user and we hope to see you online!

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