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🏝️ Pirate Realms is a Pirate themed Minecraft skyblock server for versions 1.19.2+ where you can create your own island and build whatever you want! This server allows you to become a Pirate and relive your Pirate Era adventures.

Discover the events that take place in the main world, where you can search for the mysteries of the Kraken or find all the cannibals, or you can try to loot the booty of the thieving pirates. There is also a safe haven from dangerous spiders where you can harvest wheat crops.

You will obtain materials from mines guarded by guardians, but first you must defeat them. Interact with the pirates in the game, explore and find new treasures while leveling up and gaining new skills to protect yourself from danger in this incredible world.


Discord: https://discord.gg/4epFmJh7

Mission statement from the Pirate Realms founder:
As the main Founder of this Realm, I @ZeN will ensure that all players have a higher quality gaming experience. Giving players a good community and support at all times, as well as taking responsibility for the server's development and avoiding toxicity in the Pirate Realms!

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