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SMP-MC is a Minecraft Multiplayer server that supports Java and Bedrock. We pride ourselves on providing the best Minecraft Survival experience inside of Minecraft Multiplayer. Our server takes the idea of Survival inside of Minecraft to the next level. We combine aspects of multiple game modes into one to bring a never before seen experience to our players. Play along side your friends, family and pets to enjoy an experience inside of Minecraft unlike any other!

**What makes us different?**

We offer unique and custom experiences inside of Minecraft Survival Multiplayer. One of our unique features is Playtime, take a moment to read below a brief description:

All our players spawn into the world with our [GUEST] rank, this is the default rank on our network. Guests spawn with 72 hours of playtime and will have to instantly begin their adventure to acquire more playtime. Playtime is how we keep our players engaged on the server. Players are able to earn playtime by mining blocks, killing mobs and even just for playing! If a player runs out of playtime there is no need to worry! Players can find hidden loot boxes through-out Spawn that contain playtime hours! Players can also redeem playtime by visiting the* **PLAYER REWARDS NPC** *for daily, weekly and monthly rewards!

We also offer a custom resource pack that contains custom textures and models that improve your gameplay experience. Players can adopt pets that are fully animate and help to aid you along on your adventure!

**Server Features**

> - Custom textures & models
> - Interactive pets in-game
> - Custom enchantments
> - Custom Overworld biome
> - Interactive NPCs to assist players
> - Districts | Shopping, Fishing, Mining & more!
> - Player auctions
> - Player lottery
> - Player shops
> - Player to Player secure trading
> - Balanced in-game economy
> - Unique crafting | Invisible items frames & more!
> - One Player Sleep
> - Ability to toggle PvP
> - Custom Enderdragon experience
> - Custom mob drops
> - Ability to fly
> - Fishing competitions
> - Server voting
> - Upgradeable spawners
> - Upgradeable farms (crops & trees)

We pride ourselves on providing a safe and fair server for our players to enjoy. Players who are unable to afford purchasing ranks, abilities or benefits from our webstore can purchase them directly from in-game using currency obtained from playing the gamemode. We believe in offering an environment that does not support Pay To Win. This is why we have created a safe and enjoyable experience for Minecraft Players from around the world!

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