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Wanna come chill on a relaxing, new SMP? BlockHaven is a new Network trying to keep it simple, but enriched with amazing features that add just what you need for your time to be a little better than before. We’re hoping to grow a community that is competitive, but also willing to lend a helping hand. People that love to build helping others build a base, or those who love to mine, ore hunting for those who are feeling lazy. Either way you play, there’s something in it for you! Some things we have to offer, that we think you will be happy to enjoy are:

◇ Server Shop
◇ Auction House
◇ Custom Enchants
◇ Head Database
◇ In-Game Ranks
◇ Daily and Vote Crates
◇ Upgradable and Stackable Spawners
◇ Stacked Mobs
◇ Elevator Signs
.. and plenty more!

We also have a Slimefun based server with endless possibilities of new machines, mechanics, and all around fun! Opportunities to get OP enchants from Lucky Blocks, and by crafting the superior “Infinity Armor”, or tear up your friends base in a war with nuclear weapons and get the pvp advantage by crafting guns!

We would love to see you on our Network, and if you have anything you wish to see added in, we’re always open to suggestions! To make a suggestion, or to just join the community, head on over to our discord!

To join the fun and get your base started or become the richest player, come hop on the server!


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