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Fidus Achates

"A Faithfull Friend/Companion"

We are a small server that is run by friends and family.
We started out as husband and wife server then added some family to the mix such as Kormak1234, formerly Gameroy8; who was able to attend the FIRST Minecon Conventions!
Thanks to Kormak and some new friends that we have met on our server, we have been able to expand our server to where it is now.
Such as we have been able to make our server crossplay with BedRock, X-Box, and Switch as well!

Our servers is a Bungee Network with Servival at 2GB, RPG at 2Gb and Skyblock at 1Gb.

Server Features: Survival
-Vanilla Minecraft you know and love but with sprinkles!
-Random Teleporting..
-Towny Set-Up
-Able to teleport to others and vs.
-Creates with differen't iteams
-Sloot Machines
-Trading PlugIn
-Auction House

Server Features: RPG (BETA)
-Our attempt at bringing you a fun RPG experience!
-We have a few towns that have been personally worked on.
-Regenerating trees, crops, and mines.
-MCMMO skills
-its own economy separate from other servers
-Keep your loot on Death.
-Respawn and travel between graveyards you find around the world
-Custom Mobs
-Custom Loot
-Dungeons (COMING SOON!)
-Party up with other players and share xp

Server Features: Skyblock
-Good old Skyblock you know and love but with a little extra...
-It's own economy as well!
-A lobby with shops to buy things for your island
-Different styles of islands, including the classic L shape and some other ones as well.

We are on Discord for on-line and off-line chat:

We do have our own On-line Store where you can purchase various things for each server!

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