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Tags: PvE Survival

The Spawn MC is a semi-vanilla Minecraft server where everyone is welcome. 🙂

Have fun with us building your own shop and monuments in our new spawn area or joining in with our new chat games.

We have recently re-launched our server after a long hiatus and are looking forward to watching what everyone makes this time! We are a very casual server, with griefing and PVP not allowed, but kept as simple as possible with some extra quality of life perks to make your experience that bit more enjoyable.

Features include:
• Angelchests – These chests spawn at your death point, allowing you to easily get your inventory back
• TPA, Spawn and Sethome commands
• Ability to buy XP with in-game money
• Currency based shop chests, check out our shops at the spawn area
• A interactive map you can view in your browser
• Tree chop, to save you climbing all the way to the top of those massive trees
• Chat Games – Answer the riddle, math question or decipher the letters to win a prize
• Random Events – Who can dig the most ore out in 5 minutes? Who can jump the most times? Get in the top 3 to win cash!
• Lockette – Lock your chests and doors with signs
• Coreprotect – To rollback any damage a rule breaker or hacker does to your amazing base
• Hard Difficulty

We don’t use land claim plugins, as we find they are often cumbersome and awkward. We have active admins who will often stop any griefing before you even realise its happening, or worst case if we don’t stop them in time we will roll back everything that was done. We can even rollback your villagers and keep their trades!

Please do check us out and have a look around, we strive to be a fun and friendly community that’s ideal for casual players who just want to enjoy Minecraft.

Check out our Discord here:

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