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NebuBlock is a new Minecraft skyblock server that was initially made for testing purposes. However, hours later we decided to just make a server. Right now, there isn't much content, but please do join and give suggestions!

- Custom Enchants useable by /enchanter!
- Item Sorters; See /is visit Nebulafield for examples!
- Automatic Crafters; Also see /is visit Nebulafield for examples!
- Chunk Hoppers; 1 Per chunk, Shift right click to open menu to add filter items!
- Auto Sell Chests; Sells every 30 seconds!
- No Building Limits! Within Reason though aha... No seriously no lag machines.
- Backpacks! Kinda like /pv, but you have it in your inventory!

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  • 1.19.2 Version
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