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Oxyrise is a running Minecraft server that lately has been having money troubles and player login troubles. While most new comers usually stay, we barely have 10 players at a time on and none of them donate using our setup BuyCraft account. We have made only $20 of $40 this month. We are struggling and need answers. How can we get more donations? All money we earn goes toward helping the server strive and stay alive, but without those donations... we won't live to serve the community.

The server has the following:
- 55 Slots w/4GB of Ram, 24/7 Hosting 1000 Mbps
- Easy, Normal, Hard, and Peaceful survival.
- Redstone and Plot creative worlds
- Raiding, Cannon Tnt, PVP/War worlds
- The Walls & The Survival Games
- Survivals, Land Claims, More features, and Custom Terrain
- A server website
- Server Artist
- A small active staff
- Updates every week

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