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Minequest is a Minecraft server using a 1:1000 Earth map and has towny. It uses the Movecraft plugin to allow you to craft your own vehicles, which you can then ride around in. There is a gun plug-in too that includes everything from WW2 guns to modern guns, and even sci-fi guns from halo, half-life and Star Wars!

Things you can do on MineQuest:
🛠ī¸ Construct cities and build a town of your dreams
🤝 Form Alliances, gain many allies to trade and help in wars
đŸĒ– Wage Wars and conquer towns
đŸ”Ģ Manufacture Guns, have a gun battle, snipe your enemies, or blow them all up
đŸšŖ‍♂ī¸ Build Warships to sail the seas and conquer/defend enemy cargo
🛩ī¸ Fly Gunships and have air battles
- and much, much more!

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