Eclipse ZA - MC Eternal

Minecraft Server

Tags: Survival

Eclipse ZA is a modded Minecraft server community based in South Africa centered around playing various modpacks! It was created by Kabubu for players to just have fun and engage with various other likeminded Minecrafters everywhere! Please know that if you wish to join and play here, you will be expected to follow the rules listed below.

1.) To be respectful to all players and to not instigate any hateful or violent conduct what-so-ever.
2.) To foster or speak any discrimination or maltreatment based on Gender, Orientation, Beliefs, Country, Race or style and choice of playing. (Don't be racist, homophobic, transphobic or a nationalist)
3.) To respect the boundaries of other players and to leave the well wishes of each player absolutely. (If someone asks you to leave them alone you do so.)
4.) To speak in English at all times even in whispers and private messages so long as it is on the server.
5.) To not grief or to not abuse any flawed mechanics of the game in any regard.

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  • 1.12.2 Version
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