Cliffhouse Adventures

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Cliffhouse Adventures is the latest and greatest sci-fantasy pack for Minecraft 1.18.2, inspired by the likes of Endless Space and Destiny. With no technology available when you first start, build a way forward with Tinker's Construct and Create, and eventually you'll be working with anti-matter and traveling the stars to visit other planets. More of a homebody? That's alright, we've got Minecolonies and Better villages for all your testificate adventures, and a plethora of improved natural structures mods, including the Awesome Dungeons mods, Better Dungeons, Better Mineshafts, and more.

Want a pet dragon? How about one you can ride? Both are available in this pack. Interested in playing with the laws of equivalent exchange? We've got ProjectE for all your alchemical experiments. Are you the world's greatest explorer? In this pack you can venture into the mystical Twilight Forest, or travel in a rocket to the distant worlds of Hoth, Tattooine, and Endor. Want to conquer endless dimensions of procedurally generated dungeons? We've got that too. This is truly the only sci-fantasy adventure pack you'll ever want to play again.

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