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NoKingdom SMP is a a fantastic Minecraft server packed full of great features. Listed below are several of our best, each with a detailed description to help give you a better idea of how its been implemented into the server.

🔌Custom Plugins🔌- All our plugins are custom made by different people. This will allow player to get the best experience out of the time in our server.

📦Crates📦 - We have custom made crates for all players to enjoy. You can get crate keys from voting or playing on the server. You can also visit out store to buy crates.

🏪Shops🏪 - We have a plugin to allow you to buy items from where you are on the map just by doing a command. You can also make your own shops by putting items in a chest and making it a chest shop. Once you have done that you can make a Player Warp for people to come to.

💰Economy💰 - Our economy system allows you to buy items from the server, from people and for other uses like pets and more.

🌌Player Warps🌌 - /pw is a great plugin on our server. It allows all players to make there own Player Warp for people to come to. This is used for shops and more.

🌍RandomTP🌍 - RTP allows a player to use the /randomtp command to get teleported to a random place on the map.

🎯Factions🎯 - With factions you can team up with other people in a Faction and build a city for everyone to enjoy. But always make sure you have your base protected or another Faction might take over your land.

👹PvE👹 - Just like a normal Minecraft game you will be able to fight different mobs and other things with friends in our server. You can get spawners and more to help you gain more levels. Our /pw grinder is the best place to go when needing XP.

⚔PvP⚔ - PvP is enabled outside of peoples plots meaning that you can take on people wondering in the wild lands of the SMP.

💘Survival💘 - In NoKingdom everyone will be set on survival mode accept some developers if they are doing work. You will be able to explore and travel far and wide. Crate big bases and protect your land with you claim blocks.

🍦Vinilla SMP🍦- The SMP runs on a vanilla version of Minecraft with Plugins. So there is no need to download mods or do different things to get on to it. Just load up the latest version of Minecraft and play on our server. You can use different clients of Minecraft like Optifine, Fabric and many others.

🧱Roleplay🧱 - Although the Roleplay side of the server may not be big you will still be able to have a roleplay experience and will be able to go and make towns and cities to then have some good roleplay.

🟢Active Staff🟢 - Throughout the day there is only a couple of hours our staff will not be active. All our staff are active 24/7 in our discord so if you need them it is the best place to go. But if you hop on to the SMP you will find that our staff are mostly active all day and all night.

🐶Pets🐶 - Our pet plugin allows player to have there own pets that range from normal small pets that you would have in normal Minecraft to strong Golems and Wardens to help fight by your side.

💡Skills💡- Our skills plugin allows you to collect XP from doing different things. You can level up your skill and use it to take you to other levels of power. The more skill power you have the more your hearts grow and mana.

⛏Vein Mining⛏ - Vein mining allows you to crouch and break a type of block while using the right tool to then break all of those blocks in thag vein. E.g. if you break a tree while crouching with a axe you will break the whole tree and not just that once block.

🎫Ticket Tools🎫 - With the Ultimate Moderation plugin you are able to create tickets in game to notify staff of bugs and different things that happen within the server. You can also create a ticket on the for support in game. The other way you can do this is by going in our discord and opening a ticket in the support ticket channel.

🌌TPA🌌 - This TPA command will allow you to teleport to a player without having to manually go to them. You will have to wait for the player to accept your TPA request. But once they do you will be teleported straight to them.

🤵Custom Shopkeepers🤵 - The custom shop keeper plugin allows staff to make a villager and then make custom trades for you to use. These villagers will be at spawn or will be at places where people have brought a custom villager.

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