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Are you looking for a server where you can easily play Minecraft Survival without clicking through many lobbies? Then see if you like Runero SMP. With us, everything is classic. Everything is on one map and it stays that way.

We are a family friendly Minecraft 1.19.2 SMP Server. Our servers are powerful 24/7 Minecraft servers, so you can play whenever you want! We are currently supporting just Java, but we are planning to support Bedrock too!

Our server has a a really friendly community and a few unique plugins such as: VeinMiner, ColoredChat and Better Sleep (that means you can sleep without everyone sleeping). We banned P2W on our server so that nobody becomes too strong and the fun of the game gets taken away.

More information about the server:
- Currently the server has 8GB of Ram
- Have 4 cores of CPU processing power
- We (still) have 100 player slots
- Difficulty: Normal
- ´╗┐Nice admins and mods
- No lags thanks to good server hardware
- A nice Minecraft survival experience
- English speaking community
- Cheating is FORBIDDEN, this includes X-Ray, Fly, Speedhack, etc...

How can you join?
Come to our Discord Server and get all of the information how to join!


We look forward to welcoming you to the server soon and creating a wonderful survival world with you. And to make nice friends, to meet new people, to have normal fun with Minecraft and to enjoy the game again.

Thanks for reading!

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