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MysticWorld has been operating as a public Minecraft server since January, 2021. We have no plans on ever resetting any maps etc. There is also a Discord server that you can join from in-game, if desirable. If you have any suggestions on modpacks and/or gamemodes that you will like us to add, please contact a staff member on Discord.

In our survival server we have:
- Land Claim
- DeadChest
- Vehicles
- PVP Toggle
- And plenty more features and plugins for you to explore!

In our Tekkit 2 server we have:
- Technic Modpack
- Galacticraft
- Buildcraft
- Equivalent Exchange
- And many more mods for you to play and explore the world with!

If you have any issues with our servers, be sure to let our In-Game or Discord staff members know and we will try our best to resolve your problem. Hope to see you on MysticWorld!

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