The Crafty Table

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Tags: PvE Survival

Crafty Table is a semi-vanilla Minecraft server on hard difficulty, running a minimal amount of plugins for maintenance purposes to prevent griefing.

One of the plugins we use is called Lands. It allows you to claim your own land so that outsiders can't grief. We also have a shop plugin for easy trading at our shopping district alongside the additional custom currency of Crafty Coins. 10 Crafty Coins = 1 Diamond and these can be traded for at our trade stations around spawn.

We currently run on a vanilla world generation and use some world guard to protect areas such as our spawn to help make them safer for our new players. We will be implementing a number of upgrades to our server over the coming months, including implementing Dynmap and adding a radiable end for all your elytra gathering needs, as voted upon by our players.

Our Democracy:
We are a unique server in the fact that we work on a democratic system in a lot of our functions, including weekly server meetings on Saturdays at 8pm BST. These meetings are home to allowing our players to voice their views on the server, what they would like to see implemented or sometimes even removed. It allows our players a large degree of influence over the server and you can read up more about our server on our discord page.

Another element of our democracy is our staffing system. Staff pass through a two phase application when needed, once they are reviewed by the owner the public then get a say as to if they would like to see that member as staff. This ensures that our staff all work hard to remain part of the community and makes sure all our staff members have a friendly and welcoming outlook to our server.

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Basic Rules:
- No Harassment / Toxicity / Racism (See our toxicity guidelines on discord)
- No Advertisement - Hypixel and Mineplex is fine.
- No Spam in chat.
- No griefing - This means no damaging builds that do not belong to you, claimed or otherwise.
- No stealing - This means no taking things that do not belong to you, if you’re not sure if you can take something then ask a staff member.
- No hacking/hacked clients/exploits - Fullbright is not counted, and we allow the use of freecam for screenshots.
- Do not PvP without consent - even if you are in a PvP zone.
- Do not intentionally overload the server.
- No use of auto clickers

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  • 1/32 Players
  • 1.20.4 Version
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • 22 hours Last Ping
  • 76 Votes

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