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Tags: Economy Faction PvP Roleplay

EmpiricalMC is a brand new Minecraft server dedicated to the World Building and RP aspects of gaming. Using one of the best land claim plugins available, a player can carve out for themselves a vast Kingdom or Empire.

War with neighboring territories and claim their vast riches for yourself or live in peace and form alliances. The possibilities are truly endless.

EmpiricalMC strives to be as hands off when it comes to moderation as possible. We currently have no limitations on speech(excluding illegal activity and pornography of any nature). So feel free to build and live as you see fit.

You are encouraged to create your own characters with lore. The more in depth you go with a character, the more you contribute to the server as a whole.

While not completely mandatory, players are encouraged to base their characters and cities within a medieval setting. Fantasy is fine, think Lord of the Rings in this aspect.

Steam-punk cities and modern technologies are discouraged. Help maintain the servers aesthetic!

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