Haunted Origins

Tags: PvP Survival

Haunted Origins is a Minecraft SMP server with the Origins Mod, a mod that lets you choose an "Origin" to become, and each Origin has certain abilities. Haunted Origins also has a wide variety of other mods for you to enjoy. This allows all types of players to enjoy the server because this lets the player play however they want.

Want to grind the normal game and get fully enchanted netherite? You can. Want to have a base filled with technology, and have armor powered by electricity? You can. Want to have the best looking base with real furniture? You can! Are you also interested in making origins, and want one that doesn't exist? We support custom origins! You can make one or find one that someone else made!

Come join Haunted Origins today to enjoy a fun modded Minecraft experience!

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  • 1.20.1 Version
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