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ArthWorld is a creative server, which is carefully designed to allow your inner creativity to blossom. The server is a modern reconstruction of the near-forgotten server systems that ran on Minecraft Classic 0.30 servers such as MCForge and MCLawl.

Spread your creative wings
- Enter one of the server's public worlds, wherein everybody can build anything and anywhere they want (to the limits of griefing).
- Use extra features such as water and lava that doesn't flow, to create things you otherwise could not.
- Create your own private world and get your very own space to do whatever you want with, whether it be a flat world or one that uses normal terrain.
- Customize your world, change its time, weather, name and more - control who's allowed and not allowed to visit and build on it.
- Teleport to whomever you want, as long a they are not on a private world, you can teleport to anyone and see their creative mind in action.
- Quickly place (or replace) a lot of blocks using our lag free world editing tool.

General rules
- Don't cheat (not sure how you would manage to cheat at all on a server such as this, but the rule is there for good measure).
- Don't grief - should you decide to grief anyway, you will be be given the 'Griefer' rank, which will lock you out from many of the server's features.
- Spamming, being offensive, mean or otherwise obnoxious in the chat is not allowed.
- Respect the authority and the decisions of the server's staff.

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