ZoltriTW Vault Hunters 3 Skyblock

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ZOLTRITW - Vault Hunters 3 Skyblock

As we await the updates for Witchery and Thaumcraft, we welcome you to our established community as together we explore the challenges of the Vault Hunters 3 modpack by the Iskall85Team on 1.18.2!

Vault Hunters is an RPG based modpack focusing around the mysteries and dangers of a dimension called The Vault. It features many Vault Hunters specific items and mobs, like armor, weapons, totems, currency and bosses. Players can develop their own talents and abilities while trying to achieve the goal of collecting all the 25 unique artifacts to unlock the final challenge! Do you have what it takes?

We love to add our own touch to modpacks. Join now and help shape the future of our server!

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