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TurtleCraft [PvP] {SMP} {Economy}
TurtleCraft aims to be the server you can simply call "home" a place where you can live a comfortable life, free from harassment and griefing, whilst still allowing you to be free from total moderation.

Here at TurtleCraft you don't get to pay your way to the top like most other servers, you must earn your way to the top with simple playtime, the ability to lock your chests and claim your land allows you to really express yourself without the fear of your hard work being destroyed while you're away plaguing your mind when you aren't playing.

Earn money just by playing on the server, killing mobs, and selling things at various shops! Use that Money to buy more land! Use that land to enjoy your freedom!
PvP Arena
Nether Hub w/ rentable shop stalls
The server will stay on 1.19
Make your own Chest Shops!
Protect yourself with the Grief Prevention plugin
Mobs drop money!

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  • 1.19 Version
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