Lone Wolf PVP Hard Survival Serv

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(((((((Lone Wolf Minecraft PVP Hard Survival Server)))))))
No Rules Just Minecraft
This is not a Pay to Play or Pay to Win Server.
There is no online store for purchasing ranks or items.
This is a Hard Survival Server!
All that is required is that you respect one-another.
You will keep your items when you die, but not if your killed by another player.
Find rare falling stars that deliver precious materials in a sparkling package.

Each player has 5 Set-Homes to teleport from one set-home to another. This can be useful for building bases without entryways, giving you a better chance to hide your items and base location.

New Players to the server have 5 hours of protection from Player-Versus-Player. After that your on your own.

Silk Touch: players with a Pick-axe that is enchanted with silk touch you will be able to reuse spawners.

No grief protection. You can be killed, your lands can be ransacked and your items can be stolen.

Players are encouraged to ban together or go it alone. The choice is yours.

The only thing we ask of our players is if you can please consider Donating to the server at

100% of donations will go to serve hosting cost and server upgrades. This is a non profit server.

Anyone that donates $5 dollars or more will receive one Animal Spawner of there choice for donating. Remember to protect your spawner from other players

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