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WELCOME! SafeAndSaneSurvival is a Minecraft survival server! If you have been looking for a server with a level playing ground to just hang out on and play Minecraft, this is your server! There are no handouts, nobody gets special items that others can not get, and there will not be any pay to win or pay to rank things going on with real money.

Ranks will offer more and bigger land claims and more sethomes as you rank up by voting for the server using /vote.

This is a diamond based economy. The server will buy diamonds from you so you have in-game money to buy other things. The server will also sell diamonds if you want to buy them.Players will eventually be able to set up their own shops to sell items.

This is not intended to be a PVP server, per se, but PVP will be on outside of spawn and outside of your land claims.

Land claims
With Lands plugin, you can protect yourself and your builds and your stuff, but you are free to raid anything that is not protected.

The map is currently 25,000 x 25,000. I will expand at some point (which will NOT reset the map).I will be using the Dynmap plugin as soon as 1.19 updates it. With Dynmap, you can explore the world map in a browser so you can find cool places to explore.

Some of the other plugins/features:
- MCMMO: earn abilities by exercising some of the many skills in this plugin. Very cool plugin!
- Silkspawners: you can mine spawners with a silk tool and build your own grinders if you like.
- Wild: random teleport around the inner area of the map up to 5k x 5k - you have to run from there.
- TPA: you can teleport to each other.

1) Wheaton's Law: Do not be a dick.
2) No cheats. You get ZERO grace for cheating. Perma-ban.
3) No hate. You get ZERO grace for showing disdain for diversity. Perma-ban.
4) No politics. Seriously. This is a game.
5) No TPA kills. If you TP someone to you and kill them, you will be jailed the first time, Perma-banned the next.
6) No Whining!

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