LifeSteal SMP 1.9-1.19 (Cracked) Classic

Tags: Adventure Anarchy Annihilation Bukkit Cracked Faction Lifesteal PvP Spigot Vanilla

LifeSteal SMP is a Minecraft server that offers a Lifesteal experience you will never get bored of! We created new content that will provide everyone with a good time! With our PvP, custom plugins and everything else combined, we give you the best Minecraft Lifesteal server you will ever play!

What does this server have compared to other servers:
We have more content than any other lifesteal server. We create content that is unlike any other vanilla lifesteal server, so you wont get bored. Our lifesteal plugin has various features of revive beacons and crafting hearts.

What is lifesteal?:
Lifesteal is a plugin that has the main feature of transferring hearts when you kill someone or die to a player. This will result in heavy PvP action, drama, friendships and wars for the players playing this Minecraft server.

Drop down the spawn island and start PvPing. Many players on this lifesteal server want to kill you and there is a lot of PvP action to be found! When you are not engaging in PvP, you can build your base in a 20k border radius. Teleport killing is allowed, so be careful or you will be PvPed by other players!

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  • 1.19.3 Version
  • 67.4% Uptime
  • 11 hours Last Ping
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