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Welcome to DValleySMP!

DValleySMP is a Nations server running on both Java and Bedrock!

We offer a vanilla like experience with minor changes. The main reason for these changes are to protect your goods from other players. You are able to create a nation and claim land in the wilderness. Once you have a nation established and would like to expand, invite other players and make your nation stronger. Pvp is enabled so you must make sure you claim your land and protect it, by claiming your land no one is able to build or interact with your stuff. We explain all the commands in game a bit more in depth so you can easily get started.

There are jobs to join such as mining, woodcutting, hunting, brewing, ect. These jobs offer a source of income that can be used to buy other items from players. No admin shops, this makes a more vanilla feel so players have to obtain what they are selling either through farming, or fighting other nations. There is an auction house to make all transactions in game safe, without scams. Again, all commands are explained more in depth on the server at spawn so feel free to come check out this enjoyable near-vanilla experience.

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