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If you want to play Minecraft as it was intended to be played, you've come to the right place! Most Minecraft servers don't really let you play Minecraft. Minigames, Factions, kit PvP, and economy servers all advertise exciting gameplay and sure, these servers can be fun. But by piling on new features and changing how the game works, they take some of the magic out of Minecraft and end up providing an experience that in many cases has already been done better by other popular games. It can be hard to find a server that doesn't suffer from this in some way; even servers that promise vanilla gameplay are often plagued by cheaters, unresponsive/abusive staff, lag, or crashing, and often have gameplay-changing plugins, restrictive rules, or unnecessary features that don't improve the experience. VanillaEvolved does things differently. Join now and experience Minecraft like it was indented!

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  • 1/40 Players
  • 1.18.2 Version
  • 99.1% Uptime
  • 1 week Last Ping
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