ChampiCraft Network

Tags: Adventure Economy Faction Hardcore KitPVP Pets PvP Spigot Survival Vanilla

Modalidades Disponibles:
- Survival
- Sandbox
- Anarquia

🍄 **Survival y PvP** 🍄
Sistema de subastas, rangos con tematica de champiñones y hongos, clanes, pvp 1.18.2, apuestas, ffa, koth, crystal pvp, duelos, protecciones, rtp random, comabte log, tiendas extras.

🍄 **Sandbox - Practica PvP** 🍄
Sistema de pvp nuevo llamado crystal pvp o nexo pvp, tiene custom kits, rtp random, tops kills o horas jugadas, crystal aceleracion para los usuarios ping alto, combate log, zona de desierto arena o una arena para ffa cerrada.

🍄 **Anarquia - Anarquico** 🍄
Se puede hacer todo, menos usar hacks, pero si usar xray, sistema de horas jugadas antiafk, comandos como /stats, /back, /tpaccept, /tpa, /sethome, rangos tematica champiñones y hongos, combate log.

ChampiCraft Network is a popular Minecraft server with a Spanish-speaking community. It has 3 game modes available for you to try: survival, sandbox and anarchy. See below for more details about each game mode and what features it has.

Survival and PvP:
Auction system, mushroom and fungus themed ranges, clans, PvP 1.18.2, bets, FFA, koth, crystal PvP, duels, protections, random teleport (rtp), eat log, extra stores.

Sandbox (Practice PvP):
New PvP system called "Crystal PvP" or "Nexus PvP". It has custom kits, rtp, tops kills or hours played, crystal acceleration for high ping users, log combat, desert sand zone or an arena for closed FFA.

You can do everything except use hacks and xray. There is an anti-AFK hours played system, mushroom and fungus themed ranges and a combat log. You can also use commands like /stats, /back, /tpaccept, /tpa and /sethome.

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  • 127/500 Players
  • 1.20 Version
  • 99.8% Uptime
  • 18 hours Last Ping
  • 3 Votes

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