Terralith WhisperCraft

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Welcome to
Terralith WhisperCraft 1.20.4!!! For both Java and Bedrock Versions.

We are a server for adults in a world that has custom dimensions, which will give your Minecraft experience beyond what you're already used to. With over 100 new biomes to explore and different challenges to complete, it'll help your desired addiction to keep on gaming with us!

We also have a number of plugins to enhance your experience, with favorites such as: CMI, CoreProtect, Jobs Reborn, mcMMO, GriefProtection, Elite mobs and more! I've also created over 100 ranks to /rankup with and over 100 kits per rank!

Please be sure to be whitelisted onto our discord! discord.gg/BN9YEgSNb5

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  • 1.20.4 Version
  • 96.4% Uptime
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