Terralith WhisperCraft

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Welcome to Terralith WhisperCraft 1.19.2!!!

We are a server for ages 15+ and have some amazing datapacks included to modify the way the world looks in our vanilla based server. The datapacks included are:

Terralith: for the overworld, which adds nearly 100 new biomes!

Incendium: for the nether, adding several new biomes and many new structures to explore!

We also have a number of plugins to enhance your experience, with favourites such as: CMI, CoreProtect, Jobs Reborn, mcMMO, GriefProtection, TempFly (Which you can get from voting!), Elite mobs and more!

I've also created over 100 ranks to /rankup with and over 100 kits per rank, including the option for donater ranks!

One of the things I like most about this server is that you can claim land to prevent grief and have access to a resource world, so we never have to worry about running into others players claims. If this sounds like the right type of server for you, come give us a look!

Server IP for Java: / Server IP for Bedrock:

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  • 1.19.2 Version
  • 99.3% Uptime
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