AzureCalibre Live

Minecraft Server

Tags: Economy PvE Survival

Welcome to AzureCalibre Live! Enjoy features including an in-game economy where you can buy and sell building blocks, armor, weapons, items and more using Bnunny Money! Earn Bnunny Money from killing mobs, voting and visiting featured Twitch streams. Land claiming allows you to actually have something to work on and come back to without a player or entity destroying your hard work! AzureCalibre live also features OpenAudio music and proximity chat! Enjoy a random potion effect every 30 minutes that can boost your abilities, or hinder them! All of this and more is possible in AzureCalibre Live.

Bedrock players can join since this server supports Geyser! The IP is "" and the port is "10481".

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  • Offline! Players
  • 1.18.2 Version
  • 32.8% Uptime
  • 1 week Last Ping
  • 0 Votes

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