l3e.org Season IV

Minecraft Server

Tags: Economy Mcmmo Survival

l3e.org is a personal project of mine.

IP Address: l3e.org

This server is a SMP economy server with ranks. There are 12 challenging ranks for players to grind through. As you rank up, you unlock more commands and features on the server. For Season IV there is only player shops and the auction house. Players can earn money through voting, playing, and events.

Our world is 20K wide and fully pregenerated for the best performance possible!

We have several custom ores and material types that expand the vanilla experience with new and fun mechanics you're sure to love. There is Beryllium-Copper, Annealed Glass, Azurite, Titanium, Gilded Netherite, and Reforged Titanium. Each of these tiers have their own properties and bonuses associated with them.
l3e.org has many unique and interesting features, some of which include:

Illegal Enchantments

Enchantment Bonus Events

Armor Set Bonuses

Exciting Crates

Mining Minigames

Our community is growing larger everyday. Everyone here is tremendously helpful and friendly. We make quick work of any toxic individuals to protect our inclusive community. Our community is connected through our Discord server. Check out our discord channels for pets and foods pics!
We're not super concerned with small stuff like swearing or looting unclaimed/abandoned bases. In general, we really would like everyone to have fun and get along without contention. We're just trying to build a chill community :3

No discrimination, bigotry, or prejudice of any kind. Furthermore, respect other players and staff.

No glitches, exploits, dupes, x-rays, or hacks.

No griefing Spawn, Claimed Bases, or the PlayerShops.

No lag machines.

No advertising, with the exception of your own social media accounts; YouTube, Twitch, etc.

No spamming chat or private messages.

No dishonestly towards staff or other players.

Server IP: l3e.org

Server Site: l3e.org

Dynmap: map.l3e.org

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/2bVzU5wMH8

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  • 1.20.1 Version
  • 94.1% Uptime
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