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⛏️ MoG Network ⚔️
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★ What is MoG Network?
☆MoG Network is a public Minecraft server where all players can play at one place and enjoy. This server has gamemodes that a perfect servers needs like: Survival, Bedwars, Practice, Minigames and many more that you can play in our server. We also have our server cosmetics that gives you special look.

This Indian server was created only for you guys. Some players have ping issues so thats why this server is hosted in India to offer you the lowest ping possible. We also host tons of in game contests and events which motivates players to grind and be the best player amongst all.

MoG Network always keeps a better player experience a priority. We have an amazing team of staff working 24/7 to provide the best experience to our players at all times.

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✨ What games are available in our server?

Lifesteal SMP Features:
➤shop, Auction House, Bank, Jobs ,Clan, Rank & kits, Skill, Heart Withdraw, Heart Craft, Revive Beacon

Survival Features:
➤ Custom world, Shop, Sethome/tp, Claims, Network cosmetics, Guild wars

➤ Block Party, Bomblobbers, MiniWalls, PartyGames, Prop Hunt, Kit PVP (2 Maps), Quake, Splegg, Temple Run, TNT Run, TNT Tag

➤ Solo, Duo, Trio & Quadro Maps, 1v1 Maps, Bridge, TNT Jump/Fireball, MLG Bucket practice, Bedwars levels, Cosmetics, Crate Keys & Mystery box, Private Game (1hit kill, Speed, Jump boost, Emeralds in generator)

➤ Uranked, Ranked, Premium, Bot fight and FFA,Bridge,Boxing,Sumo, Cosmetics, Tags, Crate Keys, More coming soon.....

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  • 22/23 Players
  • 1.20.1 Version
  • 99.4% Uptime
  • 3 hours Last Ping
  • 1,005 Votes

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