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Blueberry SMP

Welcome to Blueberry SMP, a SMP server that knows your needs.

Why are we amazing? Take a look at our features:
»»————————-Best Features————————-««
『❤️』・Lifesteal with craftable hearts with a balanced recipe at spawn
『🧑‍🤝‍🧑』・Teams, Team Home, Team Chat etc.
『🛏️』・Singleplayer Sleep - It will be day if only 1 player sleeps
『🌲』・Timber - Cut trees in one go

»»————————-Other Features————————-««
『💼』・Starter Kit for you to get started
『🏡』・Type /rtp to teleport to a random place
『🏠』・Multiple /sethome - Set unlimited homes
『📡』・DiscordSRV - Chat live with in-game people
『🟩』・Land Claiming - Keep your land and items safe
『🌏』・1.18.2 world generation - Cooler and deeper worlds

≿━━━━━━━━━Server Stability━━━━━━━━━≾
『⚕️』・No server crashes
『👮』・Honest moderation and stable rules - Nobody is above the law
『💟』・Nobody at all is allowed to cheat with items from creative
『🔐』・Login - So nobody can access your account without your permission
『💚』・Anyone can have start access
『☠️』・No anarchy

«────────── « What makes us different» ──────────»
『😮‍💨』・Some servers help their players too much and reset very often, we are against that
『🧑‍💼』・We don't have any plans for reset
『📛』・We don't allow abuse - Nobody is allowed to abuse our features like /home, /spawn etc.

『♾️』・And more - Start playing to discover!

┏╋━━━━━━━━ Connection━━━━━━━━━╋┓
》● IP:
》● Port: 5457
》● Java Edition and Bedrock Edition (MCPE)
》● Discord:
》● Cracked + Premium
》● Version: 1.7.x - 1.18x

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