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Come and join dozens of other players on this multiworld Minecraft server! You can choose between regular survival with economy, with all kinds of events and fun! Or you can pick the lifesteal server if you fancy a challenge with lots of drama! You have the freedom in Site Vex to choose and follow your dreams. We have very good server support and wonderful, friendly admins! AntiFizz#4863 is the server owner, and B3an#5758 is the lead admin along with Razzmatazz#8017! We have brilliant server accessibility and anticheats, so don’t even try!

Our server is also Java and Bedrock and 1.16.1/1.18.2! If you want to know more about the mods we have, make sure to check out AntiFizz’s YouTube channel, he has lots of Minecraft techniques help and much more, also make sure to join the discord server (both will be linked below)!
Will you choose lifesteal or survival, to join or not, to have fun or not. As always, the
choice is yours on Site Vex.

Join today at: (Java)
Join today at: IP: Port: 25579 (Bedrock)


Administrative Information:
- If you have any issue with the server and plugins on it, make sure to message one of our junior staff, staff, senior staff or the owner through the use of the tickets, please do not abuse tickets.
- Ticket abuse will result in heavy consequences.
- If you would like to apply for admin, do not ask and administrator if you can, wait until ‘mod aps’ reopen.
- Do not hack or xray, and on the survival world, make sure to not grief under any circumstances, or you will face heavy consequences.
- If you want to appeal a ban, or report something, create a ticket and a court date will be given (not IRL, and don’t worry, you’re not going to prison).
- Any other questions, ask in the ❓questions and answers❓.

Have fun and make sure to look at the rules for the Minecraft server and discord server. Be respectful and have a good day!

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