Silenced Shinobi

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Tags: Adventure Economy Parkour PvE PvP Survival

You will start off as an exploration team going through the world, however some tension within the group causes people to separate and create their own factions. These factions won’t affect the story but will be run by the players. Similar to villages, you aren’t forced into doing specific things or living in one area. This being said you can take over destroyed villages or make your own and fight other factions for territory. With there being factions you can make your own missions that can be exploring different lands and exploring to uncover what happened to the naruto world. You may be wondering how the mod fits with this theme. The tension created within the team is about hidden powers that were rediscovered and those of greed wanted to obtain them all.

Exploration is key to how you rediscover these ancient powers. You can find scrolls, npcs, and parts of a mysterious tree to learn these powers.You will have weapons to start off your journey, however if you want more powers you may have to check a few bushes to make sure you aren’t missing some key items.

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