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ConquerEarthMC is a geopolitical Earth Minecraft server. Use the towny plugin to claim your lands on our 1:1500 scale recreation of Earth. We are unique to other servers in our genre as we provide original gameplay features such as custom guns and vehicles; we have our own uniquely designed system for economy, which includes an adaptive real-time stock market and our system for war. You can experience ConquerEarthMC on your plain old vanilla Minecraft client as we take advantage of serverside capabilities to create custom items found outside the typical Minecraft environment. Both guns, vehicles, and other items are accessible simply through our servers resource pack that is automatically downloaded upon joining. Join and find more of our server's unique features..., meteors?!? We have built a loyal community full of engagement. Our server's name has history and lore ready to expand. Join if you enjoy any of the following: roleplaying, PVP, geography, politics, war, battles, sieges, RPG leveling, economy, towny, etc... etc... ConquerEarthMC has something for you!

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  • 12/100 Players
  • 1.18.2 Version
  • 77.9% Uptime
  • 2 weeks Last Ping
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