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Stormy Lagoon, or SL for short, is the best survival server that you can play Java or Bedrock on in 1.19 (and always the latest version!). Bring your friends or make new ones here in our awesome community. Stormy Lagoon offers a clean vanilla-like, tight-knit survival experience with very little interruptions on how the core aspect of the game should be enjoyed. There are a dozen quality of life improvements on the server, as well as some custom plugins, items, and mechanics. The community has been around for over 3 years! We just started a new server, which opened up just a few months after and has been in alpha for testing purposes. Today, it's finally being released to the public. Some of the main features our server has to offer have been listed below.

A fully interactive live-map of the entire world, with real time updates for claims, player movement and what is built. There are multiple views for the map, including 3D. This is a superior map-plugin to Dynmap, as you’re able to control the angle and view of the map. View our Bluemap here!

Land Claiming:
On Stormy Lagoon, we use the absolute best, state of the art plugin for claim management, not to mention it’s the easiest for you to manage due to the user-friendliness of the GUIs! This plugin features endless options for the players, including handling flags for each of your claims and subclaims. On our Discord, there is a channel dedicated to learning how to create claims, manage claims (changing permissions/adding friends to them), and editing flags, check out #claiming-guide.

A complete new take on this RPG-inspired leveling plugin. Every ability, active and passive has been striped from the original mcMMO plugin, to introduce newly custom coded features and mechanics, to stay more true to the vanilla spirit of things. Double drops, triple drops, block transformations, etc are all gone. Some current abilities include Blast Miner, Tree Feller, and Miracle Grow. SL offers extremely clean and user-friendly GUIs for mcMMO, /mcstats.

Shop & Marketplace:
The spawn offers an insanely awesome player-ran marketplace! We don’t believe virtual currencies are vanilla-friendly, which is why we’ve got a custom coded shop plugin which automates purchasing items from chest-shops with physical items. The default and usual go-to currency is diamonds, but you can buy and sell with any item in the server!

Custom Items:
The most exciting feature on Stormy Lagoon would have to be the unique item set of custom coded items that you can get from voting (exclusively!). A few of the items are: Bedrock Breaker, Frame Invisifer, Wrench, Entity Silencer, Slime Checker, and a set of stormy-tools that you can level-up to get better enchantments and upgrades to the tool.

Stormy Lagoon’s rule sheet is quite intimidating at first glance, but I assure you, it’s the perfect balance of everything you want from a survival server. Here’s a TL:DR version of the rules, but if you want to read the full list, join our Discord and view the #server-rules text-channel to read everything.

- We support kind and respectful behaviour. Staff quickly calms toxic acts.
- Keep chat/signs/items civil and PG. Keep chat friendly and helpful for everyone playing.
- Respect other players. Keep chat civil and friendly. No excessive caps or spam in chat.
- Be helpful - don’t mislead or misinform other players.
- No excessive swearing or offensive expressions/acronyms/jokes that can be perceived as hateful.
- No debating politics, religion, or spiritual belief systems.
- No talking about illegal substances and their usage.
- Obscene/inappropriate/explicit material is prohibited.
- No advertising of other servers not affiliated with Stormy Lagoon.
- No linking/referring to material not allowed by the above mentioned rules.
- Keep chat in English. Staff can not moderate what they can not understand.

- Earn your items. Begging/x-ray/exploits/cheating are anti-survival and not allowed. Be mindful of lag.
- Be mindful of lag. Keep mob farms and redstone fast. No AFK fish farms.
- Don't lag the server for other players! No excessive redstone/hopper or farms in one area. No chunk/perma-loaders.
- Don't abuse/exploit game mechanics. Play fair and report bugs to the staff team!
- Be mindful of the FarmLimiter! 50/mobs/animals/villagers and portals per loaded area.
- Redstone must have an off switch. Farms must have an item overflow trash can.
- Flying machines require staff approval before building any.
- Soul-sand is only allowed within guardian monument bounding box.
- Maximum 4 nether portals per guardian monument.
- No duping, auto-clickers, composter x-ray, or minecart entity cramming; no avoiding afk timer.

- Theft & Grief is allowed in unclaimed territory. Griefing just to grief is not tolerated. Do not uglify something for fun.
- Staff have final say. We follow a code of conduct and fairness.

Server Version: 1.18.2, Java & Bedrock
Server IP:
Bedrock Port: 25566 (You do not need to use a port for Java!)

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  • 6/100 Players
  • 1.19.3 Version
  • 99.1% Uptime
  • 23 minutes Last Ping
  • 194 Votes

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