Wurm Club SMP

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Tags: Economy Roleplay Survival Towny Vanilla

Wurm Club SMP is an advanced Minecraft survival server. That means that we have plenty of things to do for any sort of player. We would like to bring you a fun and unique experience. We are trying to create a community of friendly players that can all enjoy. Consider joining if you enjoy a casual survival experience!

These are just some things that our server has to offer:
⭐ Collect loot from meteor drops
⭐ Use our vote-reward system to get exclusive items DAILY
⭐ Customised horse system (HorseOverhaul)
⭐ Plenty of economic utility: trades, playerwarps, auctionhouse, jobs etc.
⭐ Custom mob and block drops
⭐ Double EXP weekends
⭐ Community building competitions
⭐ Donating to our server rewards both you and all online players!
⭐ 10000 block world border that will expand with every update!

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