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Welcome to Zenysis! We are a friendly Minecraft network with two servers: Vanilla and Modded. We boast an amazing staff team, with simple and unique servers.

Our Vanilla server is always updated to the latest snapshot. We have an amazing hand-made datapack, which allows for TPA, homes, stats, recipes (for unobtainable snapshot items), and more! Check out our spawn - we may be biased, but it's one of the best spawns out there!

The Modded server uses The Botanist's Journey modpack, which is Fabric and for 1.18.2. This modpack is great for beginners, yet has plenty to keep veterans entertained too! Join this server for a relaxing play through, with another amazing spawn.

Join our Discord now to join our wonderful community! https://discord.gg/S9RTSsTBTY

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