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Tags: Economy Mcmmo Parkour Pets PvE PvP Survival Towny

TerminusTowny is a Minecraft server that consists of a vanilla enhanced experience where you can join many different jobs to earn money claim lands and builld to your hearts content. You can also use it to rise through the ranks and become an Emperor/Empress! We go by the rules of the community being first, and the most important part for us is accessibility, so we made everything on the server achievable without paying a dime to the server! The economy on our server is fully run by the players without our intervention!. You cannot get kicked for being afk! and you also can use optifine and resource packs to enhance your experience even more! We have a planned route to improve the server further with new plugins and custom content like 3D models, Events and more. We also have awesome custom world generation! massive forests that reach the sky, Vulcanic biomes of scorched earth, Vast beautiful plains and so many more places to explore!

- 🏡 Chunk Claiming (towny)
- 🛒 Auction House
- 💍 Marriages
- 🌌PlayerWarps
- 🍻 Brewery
- 🦘 AutoGenerating Parkour
- 🎶 Jukebox (minecraft noteblocks full music)
- 🗺 DynMap
- 🏭 Slimefun
- 🐶🐱🐹 PetBlocks
- 🏹⚔ Toggle PvP
- 🧍‍♂️ ArmorStand Editor
- 😄 Decorative Heads
- 🎣Pyrofishing
- ⛏Pyromining
- 💄Cosmetics (Gadgets, Player effects, Emoji ane etc.)
- 🧙‍♂️Custom Enchants
- 🌍Custom world size 20k By 20k

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