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HellaMC is a Minecraft Server that targets players who are fans of fair Gameplay. Our offers a server-wide economy, which allows you to rank up by playing your favorite Gamemodes. No matter, if you are a fan of casual building and trading, or fighting with your friends against other teams. We have something for everyone!

What we have to offer:
- An active and friendly Team, which is always there for you.
- Plugins developed by our Developers.
- Fun and complex features, like Casinos and an entire Soccer-System.
- A well thought out Economy, which interacts with many features Hand in Hand.
- Many different Gamemodes, so that you find the one you like!

Why us?:
We always try to keep our Server up to date. Our Plugins are regularly being expanded and enhanced, to keep up with time.

Hardcore SMP:
You can build bases with your friends, equip yourself and go into battle, or conquer enemy bases. But watch out: If you die once, you will be lock out of the SMP gaming experience for 12 Hours, after that you can still carry on playing. The hardcore SMP is an anarchy Server! You are allowed to hack, raid and grief. Actions, which target the person behind the Screen will still be punished.

As a normal player you can own up to 10 plots, which can later be merged together. We have ingame money and gambling. You can get wealthy through clever trading and farming and other players. Scamming other users will be allowed, so there will form two parties, the party of the scammers against the party of the normal players. If you and your friends find your self as the only players on the server, don't panic, there are many things to do, even if you are alone, maybe you are interested in farming in the Overworld, or you are more of a Chest opening guy, then the Crate Opening will surely be the right place for you.

Extra Information:
- Our server is grief proof (except the Hardcore SMP of course).
- We regularly create Backups, for the safety of our Players.

We are a Server-network, which lays its focus on creativity. We try to bring innovation in the game, so the Minecraft Servers get some variety. Our Plugins are 100% developed by us, so the we can fully customize our Server. We also have a Discord-Server, for you and your Friends to communicate or simply chat, or you can find new friends in one of the many Channels. We wish you a lot of fun on the HellaMC.net server network!

Website: https://hellamc.net/
Discord: https://discord.hellamc.net/

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