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Just Towny Earth. No flashing banners. No toxicity. No arbitrary rules. No power-hungry moderators. No pay-to-win. No vote-to-win. RebuildMC is just that. A Towny server, on an Earth map. That's all that it should be. RebuildMC is a passion project created by Lawrence, for players from all walks of life to get together, and just enjoy Minecraft. Want to build a massive merchant fleet out of one of the tiny islands in Canada? Go for it. Want to build a single fortress in Siberia? Up to you. Want to roam the world, killing everybody outside of town plots? I won't encourage it, but I'm not going to stop you either. No matter how you play Minecraft, you are welcome here. There is no wrong way to play RebuildMC. Create your own town, join somebody else's, or just be content with roaming the world by yourself. None of these are incorrect ways to play. Let's face it - right now, the world sucks, and there's absolutely no reason why your Minecraft experience should suck as well. On RebuildMC, there is no pay to win - there are no paid roles - there are no heavy advantages for voting - you are given just enough supplies to start off, and are expected to forge your own path as you play - not play by somebody else's rules. The rest can not be explained, only shown. Come pay us a visit.

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