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WooWorld+ is a modified Minecraft server experience, custom-built to integrate wallets and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) from the WAX blockchain.

WooWorld+ sets itself apart from other servers primarily through its ongoing integration of NFT interactivity in the Minecraft world. Every day we are working to add new features and concepts that give NFTs spatial representation and utility in our world, while still incorporating the timeless Minecraft experience. WooWorld+ offers an engaging experience to players of all backgrounds, whether NFT gurus playing Minecraft for the first time, or veterans learning to set up their first blockchain wallet.

All new players begin in Capitol City, a safe zone full of NFT-Linked player-run shops, events, galleries, and homes. The city also offers unique structures and meeting places, such as the Library, Museum, Monthly Build, Blockchain Mines, and more. Capitol City serves as an economic and social center where players can freely display, market and store their hard earned items.

Those that dare to travel outside the city gates into the wilderness are free to explore a standard survival world- full of wealth and resources, but faced with the danger of monsters, vicious players, or deadly events. There are no restrictions on griefing or ethical behavior outside the city gates, so beware before leaving the keyboard or any valuables lying about.

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