The Beautiful Game

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What is this server about?

The Beautiful Game is focused on providing an enhanced experience that stays true to the essence of Minecraft. All of the plugins we’ve chosen were with the goal of enhancing vanilla aspects of the game to bring out the beauty that is sometimes hidden behind its blemishes, while also adding deep and engaging gameplay elements onto the existing framework of the game.

The gameplay has been tailored to encourage playing together through the Towny plugin and incentivizes building things like public transportation, road systems, railroads, etc. Teleportation commands have fees and cooldowns attached to them so that alternative means of transport are not only viable, but encouraged! Working together will be a key aspect to thriving on this server. The world is generated with the full Stardust Labs suite; Terralith (Overworld), Nullscape (End), and Amplified Nether (Nether), making the world rife with verticality and danger. We’ve also added craftable grappling hooks to help you get around the enhanced terrain.

We use Jobs, MCMMO, and Towny as the basis of our economy. You’ll spawn in a custom world with beautiful unique terrain and custom biomes sure to provide you with many locations for building and adventuring in.

Notable Plugins Used:

Terralith - Used to generate the custom terrain you’ll be exploring

Nullscape - Enhanced end world generation

Amplified Nether - Enhanced nether world generation

Grappling Hooks - Craftable grappling hooks make getting around fun!

BetterRTP - Used so that you can start your adventure quickly

Deathchest Pro - Protects your items when you die for up to an hour

MCMMO - Used so that you can level up basic things that you do in game such as mining, chopping wood, gathering herbs, repair, and excavating.

Jobs Reborn - Used to earn money to rank up or buy/sell items from player shops. There are no server shops on this server to distort the economy or exploit. Everything is player run

Towny - Self explanatory, build a town with your friends and progress into a nation and try to become the best towny on the server!

GriefPrevention - Easily protect your builds with this plugin, Do note that for large projects, you will want to use towny as there is a cap on the amount of land (225 blocks total) you can claim with Grief prevention.

Pyrofishing Pro - This plugin enhances the vanilla fishing experience and lets you do special things like fly for periods of time if you catch and eat a legendary Aerofish.

Server IP:
Difficulty: Hard
PVP: Opt in - need to toggle it on

1: No griefing, unprotected chests are fair game
2: No unprovoked PVP outside specified PVP areas.
3: No hate speech.
4: No AFK farms or exp farms
5: No hacking or duping

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