GROUND 0 Anarchy

Minecraft Server

Tags: PvE PvP Survival Vanilla

Ground 0 is a very chill semi-survival server running an amplified 1.19.3 map. There is no whitelist.

We ask that you be at least 13 years old to play on the server. The point of the server is to play Minecraft. There is no theme. No forced grinding. I like to think of it as an anarchy server, but I have been told it's not because, there are some rules:



1: Raiding. All raiding is allowed.
2: Griefing: Griefing is allowed. (firespread is disabled).
3 :PVP: PVP is enabled everywhere.

Not Allowed:

1: We do not allow fly hacks.
2: No other hacks, or cheats, or mods, or clients, or macros, etc, that take advantage of game breaking bugs or glitches, and/or cause lag and could be/are intended to cause lag.
3: No TNT Duping
4: Anything not covered by the above that causes any unusual lag, and/or is intended to cause lag. Laggy contraptions, that kind of stuff.

This list is not exhaustive. Check Discord.

Useful Server Commands:

/rtp : you can random teleport out into the wild.
/trade : This command takes you to a platform where you can meet people to trade/sell/team up/whatever.
/rules : The short list of rules.
/vote : Voting helps the server. Its also a way to get some bread and diamonds.

Other Stuff:

The map is amplified.
keepinventory is on, however you will lose 10 XP levels if you die.
firetick is off
the world border is at 25000

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  • 2/10 Players
  • 1.19.3 Version
  • 94.3% Uptime
  • 6 hours Last Ping
  • 5 Votes

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