gongs hut

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Tags: PvE PvP Survival Vanilla

I'll be honest, I dont know why more folks dont play on this server. Here is why I think you should check it out.
1. Big map, with amplified terrain. Hiding your base is easy.
2. Datapacks that improve on some mojang structures, and add some - so more things to explore.
3. More QOL additions like 0 tick farms, randomly colored sheep, rotten flesh -> leather, 64 item stacking, and leashing of villagers
4. Useful commands like /rtp, tpa, 2 homes (/home and /homes). Play with your friends!
5. Fun, competitive things like getting players heads if you kill them and 1/2 of their XP, Basically, this server, is like vanilla, but better

Rules are simple. pvp is allowed. fly hacks are not allowed, and if i catch you I might ban you. Raiding is allowed. Stealing is allowed, but frowned upon by most civilized folks. Griefing someone else's base is also allowed, but highly frowned on, and probably wont make you the server hero. But again, I am not your mom.

xray is allowed.

Griefing the map, because you are a griefer, and have nothing else to do, will earn you a ban if I am in the mood. Or maybe I will just clean it up and move on. Come try me. =)

Please no hacks, mods, or useless glitches that lag the server. Again, No fly hacks, get an elytra instead. Hop on a horse or make a boat.
Discord: https://discord.gg/tmz2S56W3H

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  • 3/10 Players
  • 1.21 Version
  • 96.1% Uptime
  • 2 days Last Ping
  • 14 Votes

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