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J&A MINECRAFT IS A PLAYER-DRIVEN ECONOMY TOWNY COMMUNITY. [This is a NEW server, still in ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT. January 2022] Everyone lives in spawn, named Capital City. Everything is allowed as as long as you respect your neighbors and fellow players. You start with enough money to buy one plot of land and pay taxes for a couple days. What you do with your land is totally up to you, and there are no limits to what you can build on it.

However, new plots/towns are only added periodically as the old ones fill up - to accommodate new players needing affordable housing. Plots closest to spawn will naturally be in high demand once things get busy. Will you invest in Capital City’s real estate market, develop land, and sell it for a higher price to other players in the future? You can, if you’d like!

You could also be a shopkeeper by using your land to make a quaint community-favorite shop across the street from City Hall using the ChestShop plugin. You can do anything in any plot.

Adventuring, exploring, mining, and farming are also great options for a play style! Generally speaking, as long as you use common sense and respect those around you, we don’t have strict rules.

Finally, there is the Capital City Traders Market, accessible with /shop. Unlike most server shops, ours is dynamically priced using algorithms that resemble the stock market using supply and demand. There’s even a website you can visit if you want to see graphs of our prices! Neat!

We appreciate anyone who decides to join us! There are also plenty of opportunities to get involved in the ongoing design and development, so any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated. I may also throw in the rank of helper after a while! What do helpers get? I don’t know, maybe you can help me decide!

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