Straight Up

Tags: Anarchy PvP Spigot Survival Vanilla

The Minecraft server “Straight Up” is always looking for more players. We are a small, “run from home” style anarchy server, intended to create a laidback survival experience that is as close to vanilla as possible.

Created on April 1st 2019, it is our hope to never reset the overworld map to preserve the many interesting builds and places that other players have created. With the introduction of new terrain in 1.18, the server has removed chunks that were loaded in for a very short period of time. This allows us to preserve all existing builds while enabling new 1.18 terrain to generate relatively close to spawn.

The server has no protected spawn area. Expect to start off at a random position within 500 blocks from the exact center of the world (x0, z0). Griefing, stealing, fighting, and any other player-vs-player activities are permitted.

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  • 8/20 Players
  • 1.18.1 Version
  • 100% Uptime
  • 2 days Last Ping
  • 3 Votes

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