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**Quick Summary of the basic aspect of this server**
Using proper economy ($) brings the division of rich and poor closer. It makes economy thrive with different aspects of the server coming together with better shops, better in game money making methods, bigger farms to be built and much more

**Events and minigames**
Competitions will be held for things like best base, best farms, most earned in a week. Minigames are held by admins where you compete for prizes.

**Mob masks**
Mobs drop heads that come from spawners. Collect these heads to build a mob mask when you have enough. These masks give different effects when worn. EG. a chicken mask gives no fall damage but require 10 000 chicken heads to make. This gives those end game players something else to work towards

With custom enchants brings even more to add to plain old vanilla survival. Things like lightning swords and other awesome enchants to make things a little easier and a little cooler

Mob spawners can be bought from */shop* but they are pricey. Why use spawners when you can build vanilla farms? Because even though vanilla farms are faster, mob spawners drop the mob heads that are needed for making mob masks

We do not allow PvP that isn't agreed upon on both parties. So no randomly killing. We do have a PvP arena below the shopping district spawn where you can jump in and it's free for all. If you die people can take your stuff. So don't go there if you are not willing to lose your items.

Arena events can be held at any time by a server admin, these could be PvP arenas or PvE. PvE arenas can happen without a server admin present. These will occur randomly and not always every day. You simply have to enter the arena and kill as many mobs as possible that keep spawning. Each mob has a name tag over it head indicating how many points it is worth. Killing it gives you the points. At the end of the arena the top 3 players with the most points gets prizes. So better gear is better. Keep inventory is on inside of the arena

**Land Claim**
We do not believe in land claim. Why have land claim when you have trust? We do not allow stealing or griefing. Moderators can track everything that happens in the server from every button you click to every block you mine.

**AFK Kick**
Other servers kick players for being AFK for too long. Not here. You need to afk 24/7 for your farm, you go ahead

Server reboots are not scheduled and can happen throughout the day if required. If you are AFK you will be kicked into the lobby where you will automatically join back to the server.

All useful commands can be found in */help* inside of the server with a description and example.

We offer 1 paid rank **Loaded** this rank offers no Pay2Win features. Pay2Win is subjective however, we do our best to ensure that paying does not offer any features to give an advantage. All commands and perks found for this rank can be found at `.donate` in discord. We consider all ranks as a donation to help support the functioning of this server's life.

**Public Farms**
A few select farms will be built by the admin team pre release of the server, this includes the Enderman Farm.

**In Game Crypto Currency**
The in game crypto currency changes randomly aswell as being player induced. Buy and sell like real world crypto in hope to make a profit.

**Shopping District (SD)**
The shopping district is where all the player shops go. There is examples of how to buy an area and create a shop within the server's shopping district.

**Chat Auction**
This is where you auction a specific item from your inventory into chat. The command will remove the items from ur inventory and place it onto chat for bidding. If no one bids on it then the items returns to you. Otherwise it becomes whoever bids the highest wins.

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