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Hello everyone and welcome to Frosky! Come to our survival server and join our ever-growing community of active players from all over the world. Frosky is a perfectly balanced semi-vanilla server with much to offer! It’s worth noting that our server is not pay to win—donations grant only cosmetic and small quality of life improvements.

Frosky Tokens
We have our own physical currency obtained through voting that can be used to purchase custom enchants at our server shop and items from player-owned shops.

Voting Ranks
In addition to Frosky tokens, voting grants you ranks that earn you more sethomes over time. Continue voting on a daily basis to rise through the ranks, obtaining more and more sethomes and stacks of Frosky tokens with each rank increase!

Custom Enchants
We offer a plethora of custom enchants that can be purchased at our server shop or crafted on your own, depending on the item. Our developers are always creating and rolling out new custom items, so our players are always experiencing new and exciting ways to upgrade!

Here is a sneak peak of some of our custom items:
Dragon Scaled Sword: Bane of Arthropods 10, Looting 10, Smite 10, dragon particle effect, and more
Void Walker: Helmet that prevents endermen and shulkers from attacking you
Base Finder: Detects containers inside the chunk you are in—very useful for finding bases
World Edit: Efficiency 10 and more
Molten Pickaxe: Automatically smelts ores when mined
Lorax: Axe that breaks a whole tree with one swing
Void Totem: Get teleported to spawn if you fall in the void
Lava Striders: Boots that allow you to walk on lava

Raiding, griefing, and PvP is allowed, so keep your eyes open! Watch your back, build a secret base, and loot whatever you find! We also have a PvP Arena dedicated to fighting. While in the arena, your armor and weapon durability remains the same and you keep your inventory and levels after death.

Combat Log System: When in combat with another player, you will be tagged for 30 seconds to ensure a level playing field. This means that within these 30 seconds, you cannot use any teleportation commands and will die and drop your loot if you try logging out of the server.

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