Oakheart Survival (1.18.1)

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Tags: Bukkit Economy PvE Towny

Welcome to Oakheart! This is a server that gives players the opportunity to have a vanilla like survival experience. We focus on things that don’t change the gameplay too much but are more like an addition to it to make the server more interesting to play on, so if you want a server like that, then this is the server you’re looking for! The aim is to be community driven and therefor the whole community gets a say in what should and should not be added to the server.

Custom Enchants:
There are some new enchantments that make the game even better. Among them are better elytra flight mechanics, the grappling hook or easier tilling, as well as some other exciting enchantments.
They may not be easy to get, but you won't be able to live without them!

There is a possibility to create a land and claim chunks to prevent it from grief, but we also have a no grief policy on this server. This means that if you didn’t claim your stuff, people are still not allowed to grief your belongings.
You can use the command `/lands help` to get started with lands.

You can work towards rankups/levels to unlock perks and recieve rewards.

Use the command `/levels` or `/ranks` ingame to see the different Levels/Ranks

We have 4 different crates, Old, Antique, Ancient and Mythical. You can warp/tp to the crates with `/warp crates` or find them in spawn. You get an **Old Crate Key** every time you vote for the server.
You can do `/vote` for more information.

You can find the rules by using the command `/rules` in-game.

Use code TOPMCS at checkout for free Alchemist rank.

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