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Welcome to MCMP, a completely vanilla freebuild anti-grief survival mode Minecraft server that has been running for over 4 years. MCMP is home to a welcoming community of players and admins, as we allow players to build whatever, whenever and wherever they like, as long as they don't mess with other people's things. All of this...without the worry of grief! (All griefs that occur on the server can be rolled back in seconds!)

So come on the server and check the place out, there are some crazy cool things players have built over the years while the server has been up! And please, make yourself at home and enjoy MCMP!

Server Info:
Version: 1.18

Server Rules:
- Respect other players on the server.
- Respect Staff Members and their decisions. (They are trying their best)
- Don't grief other players builds. (That includes, Stealing, Breaking Blocks Others Have Placed and Lava/Water Flooding/)
- Keep the chat clean. No harassment, advertising, abuse.
- No hacks or cheats of any kind. If you are wondering about specific mods, please ask a staff member.
- We have a strict no grief policy here at MCMP. All griefs are rolled back and players responsible will face PERMANENT bans!

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